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Neti Pot

A Neti Pot is an all natural tried and true way to help with clearing the sinuses and nasal passages. ¬†When you are sick with a cold or upper respiratory infection most try over the counter decongestants. ¬†Some of these include pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine. ¬†Many of these are combined with an anti-histamine which can also make you drowsy. ¬†These drugs all have many side effects of which drowsiness is just one. ¬†That is why using a neti pot makes so much more sense. ¬†Why expose yourself to the unnecessary risk of taking these drugs if you don’t have to? ¬†Of course a neti pot can also be used as an adjunctive measure as well and can be used in addition to various cold and flu medication on the market.

More Information On The Uses Of The Neti Pot

On this site you will find tons of information on the various neti pots available. Various articles are available discussing how to use one, salt solutions to use and examples of different ones you can easily obtain.   If you are unsure if you should use a neti pot you can always ask your doctor, but many western trained physicians are unaware of the many benefits of eastern medicine and may just roll there eyes at you when you mention this method of clearing your sinus and nasal passages.

Before using a neti pot you should take heed that there are some dangers in using a neti pot that you should be well aware of. ¬†So, before engaging in the flushing out your sinuses and nasal passages please acquaint yourself with the dangers thoroughly. ¬† But, I wouldn’t worry too much as thousands have safely and effectivley used this method to help them get over a cold or upper respiratory infections without complication.

It is also important to know that one of the pioneers in using neti pots is the Himalayan Institute which has tons of use information as well. ¬†Take a look over the various articles posted here to get yourself acquainted with the intricacies of using a neti pot. ¬†It really isn’t difficult at all so don’t worry if you have never tried one before. ¬†I hope you enjoy the information presented here.


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